April 2009

Welcome to this edition of the newsletter, just a quick update on some stuff that’s been happening recently, and going forward.

Important Stuff

Payment of gym fees:

After much deliberation it has been decided to move the Thursday session from Harvey Hadden to Clifton. As many of you are aware after 10 years at Harvey Hadden the club decided that the Saturday sessions should be moved away from this venue due to the number of cancellations disrupting the training.
Recent cancellations of the Thursday sessions and the lack of communication by the centre resulting in gymnasts turning up with no hall available has prompted the move. Harvey Hadden has also made it clear that they have no intention of replacing the mats that are shared with other sporting events. This vital piece of equipment is becoming too dangerous to use.
The new sessions at Clifton will start on Thursday 21st of May from between 7pm and 9pm.
If you would like to discuss this move then please do not hesitate to speak to one of the coaches.

New Leotards:
As you are aware we have purchased new club leotards, this has been made possible with a lot of effort through fund raising events. The total cost of the leotards was just under £1,800 so it is vital that we take care of them and return them after competitions, in the past leotards have been known to go missing. In future a fee of £50 will be charged for the loss/non return of the leotard for a replacement.



Thank you to all who took part in the sponsored swim and to everyone who bought raffle tickets for the Easter raffle, collectively we raised £350

Other Stuff:

Club T-Shirts:
There is an opportunity for parents to purchase Polo style T-shirts complete with the club logo. A number of parents have requested these so they can be worn at competitions etc. The price is around £10.00; with an additional £4.00 if you want your name on the back. If you are interested please let Jane Know of the qty’s and sizes you require May 21st.

If your child would like a new leotard the club is eligible for a 10% discount from the Zone leotard catalogue, just let them know your child is a gymnast at Pyramid Acro. You will also need the club number available from Jane.

Club Website:
Don’t forget to visit the club website at


East Midlands Prelims:

Congratulations to Leila, Ella, Molly, Adelle and Chanese for winning their groups at the prelims in March. They will now be representing the East Midlands at the nationals in May, we wish them all the very best.

Due to the Nationals the club session on Saturday 9th of May has been cancelled.

Inter Club Friendly:
Well done to all the gymnasts who took part in the April inter club competition. For most this was the their first competition, all gymnasts represented the club well with a decent tally of medal positions.
Thank you to all parents who came to support the club on the day, and yes the seats are hard!!

Club Competition:
Our yearly club competition will be held on Saturday 27th of June between 12-3pm. This is a great chance to see how your child is progressing.

Coaches phone numbers:
Ros       07741 195611